At Investofeeds we value our customer’s and are committed for providing world class services. While we take our accuracy seriously, our clients should realize that we do NOT offer a 100% guarantee on our calls and hence cannot offer any refund on subscriptions regardless of the individual client’s performance. Please note that all sales are final. Investofeeds offers 5 days’ worth of a paid trial and evaluation for our clients to ensure that our products and services will meet their needs & expectations before they pay for a full subscription. By accepting and taking advantage of the trial and making a payment for the subscription, you agree that there will be ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS and/or CANCELLATIONS of services after subscription in Paid trial, one month,three months & six months of service.

Terms and Conditions:

  • In case of requesting a refund, please send an e-mail to or call our office.
  • The refund will be made available from our center office. The time taken to get a refund may be dependent on the factors such as the credit card company, bank or other institutes, over which we may have no control.
  • If the above institutes levy extra charges for a refund, the refund amount may vary accordingly.
  • The refund may be made in US$ depending on the regulations.
  • Refund request is applicable if made within 7 days of placing fresh order.
  • Investofeeds reserves rights to modify the refund policy at its discretion, without notice.
  • Please note that Investofeeds is not liable to give any refund to those clients who do not revert back to us by sending a reply to the questionnaire,
  • Use of our services amounts to agreeing to the refund policy.
  • In case you have questions or queries, please feel free to talk to our support team.